Monday, April 7, 2014

How I learned to stop worrying and love 3D printed robot overlords!

 I had a fantastic meetup a week ago or so with the folks at Imagimod and Killer Minnow Studios. It was great to be able to give my feedback as it pertained to their 3D printed figures. I was able to take one home and paint it up for them, and found that the material was very accepting and agreeable.

(If you are not aware of the 3D printing technology, this information will help get you acquainted) 

The printed material did not need any priming, and the normal amount of coverage with hobby acrylic (Games Workshop and P3) applied. It took weathering well, and I am sure you will agree the outcome was pretty spectacular. I only painted one half as requested, and I think it was brilliant to do it this way. You really get to see the difference between the basic colored material and hand painted.

I hope to work with these gents in the future, they are a great bunch of guys and have some game-changing plans. Please go click on the links above and give them a follow. They have a Kickstarter launching soon and I plan on supporting them, and you should too. Do it, or we will send the ninjas after you.

Check out the painted mech below, and feel free to comment if you have any thoughts on it!  

(A big thanks to Rachel, Kevin, Steve, Chris x2, Rob, Zack and everyone else involved. Good times and exciting things!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Shinigami" WWRp Caesar custom

This WWRp Caesar 'bot has been fully customized from its original stock form,and painted and weathered to a very high level of detail.

From the oxidization on the body, to the added custom katana and weapon mods, to the stenciled death motif colorway you can be sure you have a very unique and high quality custom to join your legion of 'bots.

He will be available this Friday, March 21st at 2pm EST in my store

I took inspiration from Japanese folklore for this piece, called it "Shinigami", or Lord of Death. A grim reaper, this bot stalks his prey alone..choosing to use his blades over firepower when he is able.

Prayer scrolls adorn his metal casing, and his armor reflects the many battles he has been in on both Martian and Earth soil..

He is armed with a custom katana, his knife and a customized rifle.

This is a collector's piece, and is intended for those 18+. A one of a kind art toy, this should not be handled roughly, and will make a great addition inside your display cabinet.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Think Twice" custom Wwrp Armstrong

I am really happy to offer this guy up for sale in my webstore on Friday, February 28th at 2pm EST.  This custom toy started out as an entry in the "Heart Strings" show at Suburban Vinyl gallery.

 I took him home for the close of the show, and decided to change the custom up a bit from the piece offered at the show.

The wings were replaced with the original customized jump pack, and I added a holster and sidearm. A good amount of weathering was added, as well as a complete repaint of the eye area. 

I used found material to make the drop cloth, and rebuilt the machine gun into a machine pistol, adding wrappings and more weathering to the gun.

I am really happy to have put the extra time into the details on this piece, the pictures just don't do it justice. 

You can check out the photos below. 

He will be up for grabs in my webstore on Friday the 28th @ 2pm, EST. 

This vinyl figure is fully articulated, stands at about 8 inches tall and is for adult collectors only.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blast from the past

I thought I would post up some of my favorite prior work. Having just dropped off a piece for the "Heart Strings" show at Suburban Vinyl, I am really happy to be involved in a community that is full of talented and awesome artists.

Please enjoy the eye candy, and a proper update will be made soon! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Work in progress for Suburban Vinyl "Heart Strings" show.

I am finishing up a custom Armstrong from ThreeA toys. This work is entitled "Love is a Bitch", because sometimes it is.

 I added the plastic wings, and completely repainted the body of an MOD armstrong, keeping the original cheesecake girl art, and adding to it.I rebuilt the machine gun to a machine pistol. The entire of the piece has a an appropriate weathered red re-paint.

I am really happy with the progress on this so far, and it will be available at the Suburban Vinyl show on the 8th of Feb. See Suburban Vinyl for more details!

I will post up some finished pics when it is all done.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Blood and Oil...

 If you look at most of my artwork, you can see that one of my biggest influences has been the post-apocalyptic genre. There is something about the rust, despair and even glimmers of hope for humanity that drive me to recreate it thematically.

 This "Blood and Oil" series has sparked some great ideas that I had to scribble down on paper. The foremost being that I plan to bring up the scale in a future release to an 8 inch Armstrong bot from 3A toys with a corresponding custom battle car. I just need to find the right scale model car to go with the bot and the project will be green-lit.

So here is series 2 of the "Blood and Oil" custom series. I went for a S.W.A.T van and a Law Enforcement Bertie counter part. It was a little bit of a challenge to go not go overboard on the weapons for the vehicle, but I think I struck a great balance. I hope you think so too. 

These will be available in my store this Wednesday, December 4th at 8 pm EST. I hope you decide to pick it up, the first set sold out in minutes. 

Thanks for checking them out!  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Update time!

I know it has been awhile since my last update, and I have lots of stuff to share with all of you! 

 First of all, New York Comic Con was great. I spent most of my time at the Argonaut Resins X Jelly Empire booth and a great time was had by everyone. You can check out some of the NYCC photos on my Instagram.

  I had some really cool Jellybot mech customs that almost sold out, you can check out the pictures below and a link to The Jelly Empire is here if you want to scoop up the last couple. They went really fast!

Pic courtesy of Argonaut Resins

Pic courtesy of The Jelly Empire

  I painted up a very cool Zombie bust recently done by the talented Brian Hulsey of Evilb Designs. I have painted a few of Brian's sculpts, and I really enjoy the detail he puts into each project. I look forward to doing more in the future. 

 This bust is available in my webstore, just click the "shop" link here!

Moving on to a new project...

I had purchased a Hot Wheels car awhile back for a commission that fell through. I really didn't want to waste the car, so I had the idea to pair it with a Mini Bertie Bot from 3A Toys. 
 The two went together like peanut butter and chocolate! I was surprised on how cool they look together.

I started with a stock Hot Wheels car, and roughed it up a bit. I gave it a complete re-paint, and added some guns and wheel spikes. The final touch was some weathering powder dry-brushed on. 

I am super happy with the result, check out the pictures below! The pair are available in my web-store 8pm EST tonight!

So that is all for now! I will update again this week with more pics of the final touches I have on some commission projects, and more info on Comic Con and Chiller Theater!

P.S.  Go check out SoKo Cat's webstore! She has some fantastic customs in there, and is really killing it lately. Her creativity is awesome!!